River Hot Line

This report was updated Wednesday, February 01, 2006. Safe Harbor has re-installed buoys approximately 1500 feet above the dam. These buoys mark a restricted area. For your safety, Boaters must stay well above the buoy line. Violators are subject to prosecution. The Boat Ramp at Pequea and the York furnace boat ramp are reported as open at this time and all docks are removed for the winter season. Safe Harbor’s stoplog bridge and tailrace area is open daily to fisherman and visitors between the hours of 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Holtwood tailrace fishing areas are also open to the public.

Emergency Conditions
For your safety, please stay away from Safe Harbor and Holtwood dams. Rising water levels and swift currents pose serious safety hazards. Safe Harbor is no longer spilling water through floodgates. However, keep in mind, spill could occur at any time on any day with little to no notice. Be extremely cautious and maintain a safe distance above and below the Safe Harbor Dam. Be advised, the Safe Harbor tailrace elevations vary greatly, water levels can and do change several feet in a very short time. People along the rocks below Safe Harbor must be aware of constantly changing water levels, which can vary several feet in a matter of minutes. Be aware. Water is scheduled to spill overtop the Holtwood dam each day until further notice. Spill will be very heavy and continuous. Some flashboards on the Holtwood dam are missing or damaged. Be aware of these dangers. Please heed the spill sirens and leave the area immediately. Be aware and stay well clear of both sides of the Holtwood dam. For safety’s sake, boaters should stay well upstream of the dam. PPL recommends that boats turn around at the Pinnacle Narrows, about one mile above the dam. This is the location of the large dam warning signs on either side, and middle of the river. It is extremely dangerous to get near either side of the Holtwood dam. Boaters and fisherman, be aware of that danger and stay safely away from the dam. For your own safety do not attempt to go out on the rocks below the Holtwood dam. Changing water levels and swift currents have trapped people on these rocks. Be aware and stay well clear of both sides of the dam.

River Stages
The estimated three-day river flow into Safe Harbor is 62,100, 67,000 and 65,500 cfs, which is above the February average of 44,700 cfs. The 6:00 a.m. forebay elevation was 227.01’, which is considered 1.0’ below top-level forebay elevation. The condition of the water is clear and 38 degrees. There was .08” of precipitation measured at Safe Harbor as of 8:00 a.m. this morning. Safe Harbor and Holtwood are scheduled to generate heavily around the clock today. Keep in mind that generation schedules as well as lake elevations are always subject to change at any time without notice. Please be aware while we are generating discharge amounts can vary greatly in the Safe Harbor tailrace, boaters and fisherman, please stay alert to all warning sirens and changing water levels. The Safe Harbor hotline will be updated to keep you informed of any changes, for more information call 800-692-6328. Thank you and have a safe day.

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